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Hurry and abbreviate the title! (Archived)
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It does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection (Archived)
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The PS4 is clearly better than the Xbox One. (Archived)BearlyWilling75/21/2013
Don't blame MS for the install fee blame people who pirate games. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Will Forza 5 have commentary? (Archived)jon davis25/21/2013
So, if I get this, my siblings and gf can't play on their own accounts? (Archived)
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One problem I haven't seen anyone mention. (Archived)Dersu_Uzala15/21/2013
Did Microsoft just win? (Archived)
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I'm pretty happy with the Xbox One! (Archived)Dalkin75/21/2013
So far, just 34% of gamefaqs members interested. (Archived)sejan1285/21/2013
Used games question- Can't the 2nd account just play the game off the disc? (Archived)Flamechamp233325/21/2013
With the new Kinect as a mandatory thing how will the price... (Archived)goemon197735/21/2013
I'm turning 1 degree and walking away (Archived)protools198385/21/2013
Is there a quick reference for what all is on this Xbox 3..one...60 thing? (Archived)Unsugarized_Foo15/21/2013
X-One, XOne. I'm coining that (Archived)das_Ausmerzer75/21/2013
i have to take a big dump (Archived)g5235/21/2013
Is Xbox One going to block used games or not? (Archived)Solnot45/21/2013
Will the console overheat the first week you buy it? (Archived)abbeldydoo45/21/2013
So wtf is up with the xb1 (Archived)CSRouge9615/21/2013
I remember the jump from SNES to PS1/N64 gen (Archived)superhoffy95/21/2013
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