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How will the used game fee be enforced if not always online? (Archived)SomnusNemoris95/21/2013
The deal with TV on XBoxOne (Archived)
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Is it called Xbox One because your games are locked to one console? (Archived)
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so its official xboxONE requires online to buy games (Archived)neo_strike315/21/2013
I'm renaming the Xbox One to the X Bone (Archived)cosmic300xt15/21/2013
So in order to play games at a friends house, they have to pay... (Archived)LOTRsolidsnake15/21/2013
Tomrrow the flood gates will open. (Archived)NintendoXGames105/21/2013
why dont microsoft make controllers with built in battery packs? (Archived)
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Spielberg was there because he knows the Xbox One is gonna be great (Archived)ButKevinBacon25/21/2013
So who IS exited about the One? (Archived)Jdci105/21/2013
The CoD Dog... (Archived)RineN155/21/2013
'merica!!! (Archived)Eradan12365/21/2013
So.. what happens to the games if a console bricks? (Archived)wisdom_cube85/21/2013
Bad sign or Good sign that Playstation stock rose a incredible 8% after Xbox One (Poll)Garfield6435/21/2013
So what style will MS presentation be,Old Xbox or New Xbox. (Poll)CalistoCoon55/21/2013
Microsoft stocks go down!! (Archived)
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The hilarity of Microsoft... Haha (Archived)Lozh90015/21/2013
Oh how quickly people forget (Archived)Velvet_Llama35/21/2013
Wondering will achievements be carried over from 360? (Archived)mrplugo55/21/2013
Is the idea of the "fee" to cut out the middle man? (Archived)FrozenXylophone35/21/2013
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