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"Xbox, go home" (Archived)ChevelIe15/21/2013
For those with kinect is it useable in small rooms? (Archived)blingbling07835/21/2013
Xbone (Archived)horror_spooky15/21/2013
Xbox One front page news around the world. (Archived)sunK1D15/21/2013
Since its basically a glorified remote (Archived)assassinreaper15/21/2013
It'd be funny if they show some amazing games at E3 after all this (Archived)DarcKage75/21/2013
For real though, why can't any gaming company come up with a good console name? (Archived)
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Pachter picks Mircosoft to win next gen (Archived)
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"Hated the conference and disliked the Xbox One? You're a 15 yr old troll." (Archived)Soul_On_Display15/21/2013
Xbox Reveal Dos and Don'ts (Archived)Dr_Koopa7675/21/2013
You know MS dropped the ball when its stock is going down (Archived)
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The Third Console Curse! (Archived)retrogamer2885/21/2013
C/D Once E3 rolls around... (Archived)Bancario5135/21/2013
Can we admit MS is setting some bad trends? (Archived)VanderZoo105/21/2013
So the cheering/applause was not from the press / media (Archived)Scars42065/21/2013
No more borrowing games from friends (Archived)
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why in the hell arent xbox live purchased games being transfered? (Archived)
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Xbox One controller identical from the old controller (Archived)
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So why exactly are new features bad? (Archived)
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Why are people b****ing so much? (Archived)jordandrako55/21/2013
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