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Can we admit MS is setting some bad trends? (Archived)VanderZoo105/21/2013
So the cheering/applause was not from the press / media (Archived)Scars42065/21/2013
No more borrowing games from friends (Archived)
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why in the hell arent xbox live purchased games being transfered? (Archived)
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Xbox One controller identical from the old controller (Archived)
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So why exactly are new features bad? (Archived)
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Why are people b****ing so much? (Archived)jordandrako55/21/2013
The Xbox One will be exclusively for suckers, it seems. (Archived)TheSauce25/21/2013
What if... this isn't a gaming console? (Archived)legendarylemur25/21/2013
Xbox One: live TV available in US only at launch, requires separate device (Archived)Scars42015/21/2013
So is the original Xbox going to be called "Xbox Classic" (Archived)im_a_legend55/21/2013
So online is "not required" but nearly everything requires online? (Archived)
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So I can rent a game pay a fee and then return game and keep playing??? (Archived)
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question about outputs (Archived)deimos9155/21/2013
Do you think retailers will try and put potential customers off buying the X1? (Archived)
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That's ONE crappy system. (Archived)VandorLee55/21/2013
Anyone notice how they brought out two female presenters (Archived)DemonKiller00745/21/2013
Questions about backwards compatability! (Archived)BossBang35/21/2013
Any indication what the Kinnect connection will be? (Archived)MlREFOX25/21/2013
You're playing a game, and someone runs in and yells... (Archived)
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