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Your reaction if microsoft makes a deal with steam thatpyrokinesis66655/21/2013
When I wake up the xbox reveal will be here.ReggieBush0915/20/2013
I've noticed, most of Xbox's exclusives have outgrown it
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What needs to comeback on the 720ssj954vegito35/20/2013
How would you feel about being able to stream to Twitch.tv from this console?Kanokare35/20/2013
If microsoft doesn't clearly beat sony next gen. will 720 be their last consolepyrokinesis66645/20/2013
VGLeaks - Smartglass on 720 - does everything WiiU does
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Do you think netflix will work without XBL gold?lazycomplife55/20/2013
If ms announces every game on 720 is on disc and digital downloadpyrokinesis66615/20/2013
All I hope is that Microsoft stops ignoring most RPGs.Sakurafanboy45/20/2013
Wut games u want more dawgsNintendoXGames15/20/2013
can someine help out with a direct link to the conference?MajorZero45/20/2013
I hope there's a Crackdown 3...MACH025/20/2013
Will this be shown on GameTrailers?DarkHero_Knight65/20/2013
If Nintendo went third party, would you want them to develop games for the Xbox?
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What are the odds MS will announce Halo 5 tommorw as a launch game?Paulf001105/20/2013
The new Xbox name is Xbox fusion!atl8865/20/2013
They better show us the physical console tomorrow.odogs445/20/2013
I hope the new controller does not have those ugly lime lights again.shotgunheadshot105/20/2013
xbox now!atl8845/20/2013
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