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HALO 5 Beta Is a "Real" Beta: Unlike BF4 beta that did absolutely nothing (Archived)
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For someone with no interest in media integration, what's the X1 selling point? (Archived)
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any guess on games with gold on the 16th? (Archived)
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Sold my Kinect for $50. New updated cost for my XB1 = $330. Worth keeping? (Archived)
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Are we ever gonna get a multi-player Captain Planet game or what???? (Archived)BigSnappaX36/17 11:40AM
Does waiting for June NPD numbers and Kinectless xbox matter anymore? (Archived)KMacz3176/17 11:16AM
Why is halo reach and ODST not included in collection? (Archived)
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Xbox HDMI problem (Archived)
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So what happens if a secondary account on your console gets banned? (Archived)
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Can't wait until 2015 (Archived)chedibang199496/17 10:55AM
Lost my Xbox in a fire....and everything else...which system do i buy with my $ (Archived)freakpower7666/17 10:40AM
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Can Xbox Survive Another Gen with Halo, Gears, and Forza? (Archived)
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Watch dogs was severly downgraded to work on consoles, E3 graphics still on disc (Archived)
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Worth getting an Xbox One for the Halo Master Chief Collection? (Archived)razaky76/17 10:15AM
FORZA Horizon 2 IGN video preview: RACING GAME OF THE YEAR?! I thnk so (Archived)
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Xbox One gets the ultimate next gen fighting game. EA Sport UFC (Archived)xenosaga12386/17 10:11AM
When will the original XO vision be accepted? (Archived)
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