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Destiny is good for campaign, but I dont like mp, anyone else? (Archived)
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Destiny vs Evolve which fancy ya interests more? (Archived)zerooo077/27 11:56AM
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What Xbox One games are you getting in October and... (Archived)
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MCC gameplay (Archived)
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Will it Suck? Sunset Overdrive (Poll)
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EXPERIENCED XBOX USERS ONLY! PLEASE HELP!....(its real long) (Archived)
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You realise that resolution is not the main problem. (Archived)
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Are there any "true 7.1" Headsets being made for Next Gen consoles? (Archived)
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When creating a character in an online game are they the same gender as you? (Poll)
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What is the minimum internet speed required for XBL on Xbox One? (Archived)
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