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I hate people that say Titanfall = CoD but have never played it (Archived)
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Haha people think Microsoft needs "saving" because the PS4 is outselling the X1? (Archived)
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Turtle Beach x42's and new headset adapter? (Archived)JK828993/8 2:09PM
"It sucks, it won't have a SP campaign." "It sucks, it won't have an online MP." (Archived)ImThe8thWonder83/8 2:07PM
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Just watched the watchdogs trailer on the xbox one (Archived)
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Xbox One and the Future of Gaming and Media (Archived)Charity_Diary23/8 1:11PM
I got the XBOX ONE media remote last night. (Archived)
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so XB1 will never have a game like smash bros or all stars? (Archived)
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MS should give free Titanfall DLC to the early XB1 owners (Archived)
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The Controller update made three of my controllers inoperable (Archived)
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