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Anyone like their X1s even more after visiting here? or have a change of heart? (Archived)
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What happened to the Skate franchise?I would love to see a Skate 4 on the X1/PS4 (Archived)zerooo072/5 2:29AM
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How do you feel about the disc-less xbox one that may come out? (Poll)
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It was fun while it lasted, Xbox One. (Archived)
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just popped in forza 5 and apparently in needs an update before i can play :s (Archived)intolaomair92/5 12:31AM
I think Tomb Raider looks way better on X1 than PS4 (Archived)
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Take that PC gamers, the xbox one Tomb Raider DE is better than PC version (Poll)
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you guys have to read this Xbox one extremely powerful thanks to the ERAM (Archived)
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What's this I heard about all Xbox One games using microtransactions? (Archived)
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