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When do you think MS will do a price drop ? (Poll)
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Why are they dropping the price? I thought this was selling really well (Archived)
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Xbox One Titanfall Bundle is 389.75 at Gameseek not 399.99 UK (Archived)s2good42/24 9:57AM
Yesssssssss!!!! Had my X1 and DR3 in the closet for 2.5 weeks, no urge to open (Archived)
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Titanfall Xbox One might be announced 2moro. (Archived)
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Interesting read for X1 owners trying to use/enjoy this board (Archived)
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Any news on a price drop in the states? (Archived)Coop1472/24 9:24AM
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Let's be honest, the real issue with the XOne has nothing to do with graphics (Archived)
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Wait so Titanfall is useless to me? (Archived)
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Why does the Xbox One version of Ground Zeroes have last gen sky technology? (Archived)
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