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Do you think the next XBOX will try and force KINECT 3.0 on us again? (Poll)
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Should it still be called an XBOX - "One"? (Poll)
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Lots of good news for Xbox today!? (Archived)
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Last ditch attempt, if this fails to stop Sonys momentum the next step... (Archived)
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Microsoft Announces Q3 Financial Results: 1.2 Million Xbox One Consoles Shipped; (Archived)
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Does the kinect-less X1 hurt game developers? (Archived)BaronVladz45/13 6:46PM
As a PS4 owner and long time Sony fan I'd just like to point out... (Archived)
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MS is just trying to make their X1 like PS4. (Archived)
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Now all Microsoft has to do is... (Archived)
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If you can find them, the $450 Titanfall/Forza bundles are the best bet (Archived)GalvatronType_R25/13 5:39PM
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