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I'm tired of these PC guys saying x1 is trash (Archived)
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I thought GDC was on the 20th? (Archived)MrImpatient3533/16 11:53AM
anyone know about scuf controllers? (Archived)angel60923/16 11:50AM
My GameStop was crazy...good night for MS and Respawn (Archived)
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Gamestop employee said he expects titanfall's resale value to match NFL Madden. (Archived)
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Clearly I am missing something. Headset adapter help? (Archived)ArtisticChic63/16 11:05AM
720p VS 1080p Doesn't bother me (Archived)
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On market for a headset xone. (Archived)STARSBRAVOTEAM53/16 10:51AM
MGS is only 1.52gb on 360...xbox1 size? (Archived)MOATS779863/16 10:44AM
How much trade in for rise..gamestop won't pick up (Archived)Nj-Keen1973/16 10:15AM
how good is audio with the headset adapter? (Archived)takonic13/16 9:56AM
Digital or Physical? (Archived)fallenangelxion53/16 9:52AM
If I unsnap twitch does it keep broadcasting? (Archived)Zemata63/16 9:16AM
do they still plan to release destiny and other fps games this year? (Archived)
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so now mgs 5 GZ is the same price on all platforms (Archived)BoomerHelll33/16 8:57AM
Ryse or Dead Rising 3? (Archived)
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curious: how many TF sells on XB1? (Archived)
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