Are the rumors of the horrible disc version true?

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3 years ago#11
had zero issues at all.
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3 years ago#12
Yea, I only had minor lag issues every now and again. Ran great. Freaking loved this game. Might not ever sell it.
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3 years ago#13
I must be a lucky guy; my worst problem with the game was that it caused my XBox to made dreadful noises because I couldn't install it to my hard drive.

But I have an XBox 360 elite with a ton of space, so that may be the reason mine worked out okay.
3 years ago#14
OKRecords1138 posted...
I have the 300+ GB slim hard drive, and I can't start episode II after completing the first. It keeps going back to episode I.

To me, that's a big problem.

This happened to me too. very irritating
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3 years ago#15
I redboxed the game for a nite and basically threw away 2 bucks (yea yea I know only 2 bucks) game is so glitchy and laggy that I can't even get out of the house with the babysitter it locks up...not sure if I should try downloading and hope its better or what...too bad game is really unlike anything I've seen in a long time...
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3 years ago#16
Have a 329GB Slim and the game is unplayable, never seen a single player game lag like trying to play WoW on dial up. What's up with that?

Also it won't even let me install it on my hard drive, is there a way?
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3 years ago#17
You can't install it and you can't beat the game. Your options are:

- Break the game disc (fun and satisfying, but kinda stupid)

- Attempt to return the game to the store (worked for me with Gamestop, but this most likely will not work for everyone as they don't knowingly take back defective games..)

- Purchase the game on the computer (still suffers from save problems, but not as much and no lag)

- Download the game on Xbox arcade (still a gamble to work properly, but increased chances of success)

Either way you look at it you've wasted time and money here. You can give them more of your money and download it all on the arcade... It's a very unpleasant situation to be in. I lost at least 6 hours of time dicking around with the retail version. I felt like a sheep giving them more of my money buying it on the PC. But the game is SOOO GOOD (when it works)! I had to do it....
3 years ago#18
The disc ran fine on my xbox, and the same disc runs like crap on my friend's xbox. She gave it back to me and it ran fine on mine like before
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3 years ago#19
It's true. I had to sign out of PSN to stop the frame-rate from dropping.
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3 years ago#20
This will certainly be my last purchase of a Telltale game. Can't even play it.
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