Are the rumors of the horrible disc version true?

#21chocoboblue99Posted 1/23/2013 4:55:43 PM
Thank God, I'm not the only one. I thought it was my system breaking down at first.

Yes, I had a few times where the game crashed and I had to reset it. A few times where it would not start up and told me to download the game again, even though I have the disc ver. Then, the game will often load forever at the start at the game. There a lot of times where the game would shutter.

Yes, this game is soooo badly made. But at least now I know my system is fine and this game is terrible made.

Great fun though.
#22radadamPosted 2/1/2013 8:50:01 AM
Disc ran fine on my console. 120GB Phat Elite. Can't install, which was a bummer, so it had disc noise and the occasional stutter, but nothing serious.
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