Is there a patch?

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User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#1
I just got a 4 gig xbox and this game. its quite obvious the game is unplayable the way it is. Like its so bad the game is actually unplayable due to stuttering. I tried to ignore it but its bad! It seems to be a common thing. I currently have no internet so I cant download patches. However on friday ill be getting internet turned on. Is there a patch that addresses the stuttering to at least make it playable? Or should i just return the game and download it to my ps3?
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User Info: Kojima_Fan

4 years ago#2
this should help you out:
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4 years ago#3
I'm wondering if there is a patch yet as well. Anybody know? I have it digitally on my PS3, but would like to have it on disc for my xbox, but I won't get it until it's patched.
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User Info: Evil_Twinsanity

4 years ago#4
Yes, I have the retail Xbo360 disc version & it does have a patch. I think it was something like 3Mb. Funny that you can't install the whole disc to the hard drive though = the option just isn't even available. Oh, well. Not too far into the game, no problems so far, I have one of the newer Xbox360 models. Great game too!

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