Can't get episode 2 to run

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2 years ago#1
Couldn't find anything that answered my question so sorry if it already exists.

I played through episode 1 and when I went to press play on episode 2 afterwards it just starts up episode 1 all over again. I'm under the same save file and got the disc from Gamefly w/ all 5 episodes on it so don't really know what the problem is.

Any help is appreciated b/c I really liked the 1st episode and would love to complete the game. Thanks.
2 years ago#2
Wow the same thing just happened to me, got it from redbox...
2 years ago#3
this is happening to me. what is going on?
you know it, woo woo woo
2 years ago#4
nevermind. Theres a patch you need to download and then everything ran fine. I didnt even have any stutters or save corrupts or anything after it.

so basically, if this is happening, check online to see if you have the patch. its like 3MB so its a quick DL
you know it, woo woo woo
2 years ago#5
redhed256 posted...
Wow the same thing just happened to me, got it from redbox...

I refuse to get games from there considering every game I've gotten or friends have gotten look like someone just scrubbed a concrete floor with them.

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