Best Working Fix to Problem with Episode 3 (restarting back to ep1)

#1Absinthium420Posted 3/12/2013 12:33:49 PM
As with many of you, I was having the issue with starting Episode 3. The first two episodes played through fine but once Ep2 was over and you would try and start Ep3 it would take you back to the 1st episode and overwrite your save file.

I spent a few days searching all the forums until finally this morning I found this! Apparently this guy figured it out himself by trying these steps and this was the ONLY way I got my Episode 3 to finally start. I believe this is the only way to get by that weird "glitch" for now so that's why I reposted it here to help you find the solution faster. :)

Keep a back up to copy over any glitched saves

1. once you complete chapter 2 and the credits are done go to your stem memory options...DO NOT START THE NEXT CHAPTER

2. delete chapter 2, NOT YOUR SAVE

3. delete chapters 4, and 5

4. reload the game and start chapter 3 SHOULD load it fine

5. when you complete chapter 3 and the credits are done delete chapter 3 and redownload chapter 4

6. rinse and repeat

Originally found on TellTale's forum: