*!SPOILERS!* Who here wished they could have changed the fate of...

#1Kitty_StriderPosted 5/6/2013 3:45:18 AM
...Chuck. ;_;

Ok. So. Lee, Clementine, Kenny, and Katchaa were my favored characters of the game... and then Chuck came along. I thought he was just such a cool character! He was so... COOL! I mean... seriously!

And I really didn't think Ben was so bad until I realized he played a massive hand in Chucks fate! Unintentionally of course. But still!

I dealt with all the deaths in this game just fine and then they just had to go and off my old guy.
And no one even prioritized searching for him really. You just kinda... stumble upon him.

Anyways! That was my big disappointment. Oh and Mark. I felt bad about Mark too.
I mean of course the ending to this game was very sad, that's just a given and goes without saying, but I mean... looking on certain events that you have literally no control nor say over, and wishing I could have done SOMETHING about it, or at least made it go a little bit of a different way, some alternate way to deal with something that's doomed as it is but still, just to have the options like the rest of the game would have been nice! Could have at least postponed some lives!

Anyone else have a certain part of the game you wish you had been given options within dialogue to possibly deal with it differently?
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#2zepedachemicalPosted 5/10/2013 2:43:11 PM
I didnt like that Survivor feel during our time with Lilly. Votes i mean. the loss of characters that wouldve been more useful.
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#3PokeyBananaPosted 5/11/2013 8:23:18 AM
It is a bit galling to have no impact on character's fates. But I suppose it fits in with the helpless feeling of the story.

I would have like Mark to have stuck around longer, seemed like a decent sort who would have had my back.
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