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Does the disc version skip a part? (Archived)warriorofsparta212/19/2012
Telltale addresses problems (Archived)
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Your choices matter... (vague spoilers) (Archived)n00b_saibot_86212/18/2012
Will an option be added for invert Y axis? (Archived)
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I was holding out for the retail release... (Archived)Perfect Light712/18/2012
Why is there not achievements for episode 5 (Archived)Homie_202612/17/2012
Corrupt save files completely ruining my experience *spoilers* (Archived)ktownslayer16412/17/2012
Is this different from the PC version? (Archived)peacefulchaos512/17/2012
Does the retail version have any new features? (Archived)fear_d_hotgun312/16/2012
Episode to episode... (Archived)RoBerTs_uK212/16/2012
Episode 4 Problem :/ (possible spoilers) HELP (Archived)invyking212/15/2012
The walking dead won GOTY on the VGAs. (Archived)
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Never read the comic, are any of these game characters in it? (Spoilers) (Archived)LTJpunk312/15/2012
Is this game interesting for someone to watch? (Archived)HibikiRush212/14/2012
save game (Archived)Hello_Kitty_75312/14/2012
So i bought the Collectors Edition from gamestop (Archived)rwfan2c212/14/2012
Thinking of buying. Will there be future DLC, Episodes? (Archived)drdweeb312/14/2012
Collectors edition is available at GameStop.com (Archived)maynard420412/14/2012
Song at End of Episode 5 (Archived)mrbogden312/13/2012
So is it just me or can you really NOT install this game? (Archived)NightmanxCometh412/13/2012
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