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Issue with disc version? (Archived)evilcon666_200031/25/2013
Will there be a season 2? (Archived)reddead9851/24/2013
Kenny has a selective memory (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Lee's arm... Did you? (Spoilers) (Poll)Mr_arizona31/22/2013
Kirkman declares WD game Lilly is NOT canon to the comics (Archived)pothocket101/22/2013
Color of dialogue in subtitles (Archived)The_N8dog51/21/2013
About how long is this game? (Archived)steelix5551/21/2013
Need some suggestions on how to play my second playthrough (spoilers) (Archived)Naveen9331/21/2013
How to come back from the ending scenes... (Archived)WolfxSong91/20/2013
Why the actual f did Kenny do that? *Episode 5 spoilers* (Archived)
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About to start chapter 5, any tips? (Archived)
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Episode 3 missing textures/entire area (disk version) (Archived)SoF-Rambo21/18/2013
Can someone explain why the retail release is 5 bucks more then (Archived)
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The Achievement pictures from the Walking Dead would make great gamerpictures. (Archived)_LordAndSavior11/17/2013
I tried to save larry... I fear my bond with kenny may never be repaired (Archived)oxenpoxen81/16/2013
Your opinion on the OST (Archived)Asuka201351/16/2013
Every person i've liked so far (1-3 Spoilers) (Archived)XLegendKillerX31/16/2013
watch show or play game first? (Archived)
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So is it possible at all in anyway? (Spoilers) (Archived)XLegendKillerX41/14/2013
None of your decisions matter (Archived)
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