Team discussion and tip exchange.

#131WaltZ015Posted 6/16/2013 6:43:04 AM
Ok. That clears it up. Thanks guys.

Note: I haven't acquired the "steadfast" skill yet. Hope I'll get it soon. Sounds like a nice skill to have.
#132WaltZ015Posted 6/19/2013 2:39:32 AM
Sry guys, another question.
Do the skills "counter stance" and "Otoshi Zen Jōtō!" stack? Meaning if my destroyer activate "counter stance" while he has the automatic skill "otoshi zen joto" equipped, does he counter twice when attacked?
#133Endless_Night(Topic Creator)Posted 6/19/2013 6:28:59 AM
It does stack. But that auto counter only happens once at the end of the phase and only one enemy will be target.
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#134WaltZ015Posted 6/21/2013 7:02:29 AM
Thanks. My destroyer is just racking up skill points, and I have no idea where to put them. LOL
#135WaltZ015Posted 7/2/2013 9:01:09 AM
Can anyone help me on a quest?
It's from the woman located at the residential area C, but on the quest it listed "NGO" as the client. The reward includes a "SP*** EX" and another usable item x3. From my really limited japanese i could read "Aran.sumitsu..." from the title of the quest (I was thinking "Alan Smith"?). Does anyone know which quest I'm talking about? I've searched the entire map for a red sign or exclamation mark, but couldn't find any.
#136GurutsuPosted 7/2/2013 12:04:54 PM
Residential Block C talk to women then go to lab and check pc after that go to roppongi where the dragon boss was (the acid rain one)
#137WaltZ015Posted 7/2/2013 6:05:21 PM
Wow, thanks Gurutsu! I would've never thought to check on the boss' areas.
#138SunsetHelixPosted 7/17/2013 4:13:22 AM
Mine's Samurai, Trickster( gun ) and Psychic.
I use samurai and trickster as main dmg dealers. Psychic as healer or secondary dmg dealer.
if against a dragon,
1st turn i would usually use samurai to buff att/def ( depending on dragon/enemy) or dmg. Trickster to use the bomb skill. Psychic to use shield.

My types of att pattern differs with different dragons.

I used to use idol though.
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#139IlluminoiusPosted 7/17/2013 11:46:49 PM
you don't even need a dedicated healing class
#140darkHevnPosted 8/1/2013 8:43:33 AM
When do you get Trickster's Rush Shot?