Flower Roshid still the grinding mob?

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  3. Flower Roshid still the grinding mob?
2 years ago#11
yup it easier to level up than to get enough sp...
2 years ago#12
savorysgi posted...
You should add a Samurai in your party. Samurai's whirlwind skill can kill it easily in 1 turn.

my team in first game was trickster samurai psychic.. i am aware of the attack
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2 years ago#13
In this game, the Flower Roshid give a lot of SP while the Gold Rabi give a lot of Az. The only enemy that give a lot of EXP is just the Dragons i think.
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2 years ago#14
Furowaro Seed.

Just sayin'
ows talaga~?
2 years ago#15
Furowaro Seed what? And where to find them...
2 years ago#16
Flower Roshid = Furowaro Seed.

I'm not sure how the people working on the spreadsheet reached that translation ("flower" would be written as "furawaa" in Kana rather than "furowa"), but yeah.
2 years ago#17
I thought you were speaking about a new monster that give Exp seeing that the previous one is now just for SP... Sorry XD
2 years ago#18
Yeah, and I just find out that those black flowers are called Furowaro. Maybe the translator mistake Furowaro Siido (Furowaro Seed) as Furowa Rosiido (Flower Roshid) as there's no space in Japanese words.
Just a passing-through Kamen Rider, Remember that!!
2 years ago#19
it's never a bad thing to reborn (-10lvls)
you get extra stat from it
so what i would suggest to grind massive SP is to reborn all your characters to

trickster (gun): get that 8 hits skill
Idol: get the skill that do 3~6 hits on random opponent
Samurai: the whirlwind skill for 7 hits on random opponent

with those it's easy to max out ur SP fast by grinding flowerDX
you can do that at very early in the game but i suggest after getting the
"encounter right away" support skill 1st (in desert)

well I don't like grinding much so I maxed my SP at the end game (last boss map the flowers give like 1300~ SP)
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  3. Flower Roshid still the grinding mob?

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