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3 years ago#1
I've noticed I have these "box" type items in my inventory which can sell for some decent money. Should I sell those or wait until I get further in the story? And another thing, the chick with the glasses next to the female quest DJ. What type of system/business is she giving your party? Lv. up stores etc? Plese help.
3 years ago#2
they are for selling they even have Az(money) in description there are only 2 or 3 quests that will use those items and not before chapter 5-6.
3 years ago#3
Also the quest with the client "N GO" I cannot find this client to start off with. Once I find him/her, what do I need to do?
3 years ago#4
NGO is Cheron, just go the location of the said quest.
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3 years ago#5
why are you even playing a japanese game when you clearly know nothing of it
3 years ago#6
Illuminoius posted...
why are you even playing a japanese game when you clearly know nothing of it

So, if he can't speak japanese he not allowed to having fun?
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3 years ago#7
you don't need to speak it
it just makes the game vastly harder if you can't read or understand what you're really doing other than ridiculous amounts of trial and error

assuming he actually bought the game, it's not a very good investment
3 years ago#8
"To each his own." I can't read kanji but I'm still playing the game because it's interesting to me. For you it may not be worth the investment, but to me and the topic creator, it's a worth-while investment because for us it gives us enjoyment and a challenge.
3 years ago#9
Suggestion: if you are going to play games in Japanese, you should, at the very least, learn the Katakana. It takes minimal effort and it helps a lot to just be able to recognize a few terms, like names of items, places and people. Even if you can't read Hiragana or Kanji, many times you'll be given a hint of where to go to or what to do because the dialogue refers to a certain name, or you'll actually have an idea of what an item or a skill is.

Of course, it's not universal, but it's certainly more convenient than opening a translation guide and having to compare the translation with the chicken scratches on the screen.
3 years ago#10
dish and chick
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