A question about the story (no spoilers for this game, maybe for prequels)

#1BeraboumanPosted 5/30/2013 3:07:19 AM
So how do the events from 7th Dragon relate to 2020? From what I can gather from playing 2020 (yeah I finally bought and beat it) Natsume, Emel and Aiteru have been around since the beginning and the latter two are fighting off the dragons?

What about Takehaya? Does he appear in 7th Dragon as well?

What purpose do the flowers serve? Are the games connected in any other way?
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it's a direct sequel, basically
there's an optional prologue to view
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I know that, I'm more interested in the events leading up from the original 7th Dragon to 2020 and 2020-II. :)
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It doesn't seem like this board is very active...:(
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There was only a small majority of people who imported it.
We've already clear the game's content so obviously it isn't active.
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