help me collect the last 3 Dz and 2 quests

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3 years ago#1
Hello everyone. Finish the game but I can not enter the last location where needed 30 Dz and I only have 27 Dz. Here's a look at the screenshot:

On the screen where there are 2 dragon will not let me in the same area at the same location and that's what they write:

And where is the last dragon I do not know .... Help me find it and open access to the two dragons.

Just left to go below 2 quests will be 2 Scrin with logs on these quests:

Help me...
3 years ago#2
what a terrible pirate
3 years ago#3
Illuminoius posted...
what a terrible pirate

What the problem is something I do not understand? I asked specific questions about the game and laid out for the convenience of some screenshots that would be more convenient for them to answer. You so concerned about these screens is that it? You're such a fool. I could take a picture of them and the camera and processed by a computer years that you so worried about it? Bugge. I'll tell you what, if you like to pay for a game, then I pay against that? You and I will not say a word. Only consider that there are people more intelligent you. People who have played hundreds of games on multiple platforms, and thus have not bought a single game and downloaded it for free and play for free. Jealous? Correctly))
3 years ago#4
Help the game better and not get engaged there stupidity. From what you write anything still does not change the fact about who pays for the games and plays and who does not pay anything and just playing psp, ps2, ps3, Xbox 360 .......
3 years ago#5
what are you even posting

taking screenshots off the psp isn't even possible without either emulating or using custom firmware (which is illegal in itself), and considering that you don't seem to know anything about japanese while playing a japanese rpg makes it more obvious as you didn't have to risk anything to play it
(message deleted)
3 years ago#7
What this forum is? There really help to get the game or just write all the small stuff? Do not write nonsense and help duchshe beat the game.
3 years ago#8
I can help you with the quests, if you still need it.
For this quest, go to B9F. Go to the lower left room and there should be a "!". After, go to Tokyo map and select the 3rd area (the tower with waterfalls). Go all the way to the top where you fought the boss and there should be a "!". You fight a dragon and after the cut scene, the quest should be finished.
For this quest, you have to collect an item from a monster. Go to the Tokyo map and select the 7th area. The monster looks like a yellow/orange rhino and its not that hard to find. I just kept using the skill that summons monsters instantly. Just keep killing those rhinos until you find the item. The name of the item is in the parentheses in the picture you took. After you find it, talk to the NPC again and the quest should be finished.

I hope this helps! If you still need help with anything, just ask.
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