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#1rvd2xtreme247Posted 3/14/2013 10:18:45 AM
On the "Balanced Approach/Dominant Pitch" meter, what exactly does "Dominant Pitch" mean. If it means that one of your pitches is better than the others or something, how do you know which pitch this is, the first (X) one?
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Yeah its the X button pitch. I'm not totally sure how you approach that strategically, I personally use the IRL typical build of fastball/change guy, throwing fastballs a bit more often, so I favor it slightly. Generally I notice the 4-Seamer getting more in the way of control than other pitches do at the start, so you might want to favor that pitch as your go-to pitch to get strikes.

If you're making something wacky like a breaking-ball only pitcher, or a pitcher that primarily relies on Sinker/Splitter/Cutter/Running FB(Is this pitch still in the game?), then you might want to favor your favorite pitch. If you want to make a Knuckleball guy.....not even sure if any stat helps there. If you want to go that route, I'd experiment on lowest difficulty first cause I've seen games where you get like two/three beanballs in two innings.
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#3BerserkFuryXPosted 3/15/2013 2:34:50 PM
The knuckle ball isn't entirely bad or hard to control once you get used to generally how it will break. If you are going to use it be sure to pump up the control AND break for it. As long as you do both those stats it will start following a pattern of breaking and where. The one main thing to remember when throwing it is that it will and will often break very differently depending on where it is placed before the pitch. Once you figure out its general tendancies it is amazing to have, many times I've gotten strikeouts because it starts dead center but by the time it breaks its far outside the strike zone because of its very late and very quick break ability.

I myself am only running 4 pitches. 1: 4 seam fastball 2: knuckle ball 3: slider 4: change up. I'm about half way through my second season, my first season I had almost 300 strikeouts, and 4 no hit shutouts. I was bumped up to MLB bullpen after one season and after spring training and a the first month of the season I'm now the ace starter.
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