Player Ejection Bug?

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3 years ago#1
Playing a game against the Giants, the play at first was close. The ump called Hunter Pence out and then Hunter started arguing with him over the call. The head coach came out to try to get Hunter to calm down but to no avail. The ump ejected Pence from the game, but he was still playing.

Nothing major, but with me recently buying a PS3 and being stuck with 2K the last couple years, it's disappointing. Hope they fix it.
3 years ago#2
I cant believe you called the manager the head coach. That being said, it is all at random. Cant be helped
3 years ago#3
"So real it's unreal."

So in baseball when players get ejected from the game they're allowed to still play. It just can't be helped.
3 years ago#4
Were you expecting a perfect game? If so, apparently you did no research on this game series history.
3 years ago#5
This game has issues but if you are upset about anything, coming from 2K...I don't think baseball is a game you should be playing. Numerous bugs, but the game just came out and 50% will be patched before April.
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