Operation sports full minor league rosters are out guys

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Hell yeah! I can finally start my Mets dynasty.
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Awesome. Do they continue putting out updates throughout the season to deal with lineups and stuff? I see some areas that I'll have to fix in terms of lineups, and they put all the DL guys in Single-A. Not complaining of course, though. Excellent job, I don't mind putting in a little extra work to adjust the lineups after all the work they did to get the players in, and as the above poster said, "Hell yeah! I can finally start my Mets dynasty."
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If you're going to start a franchise/rtts.....this is the only update you'll need.
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they do release a few updates. IIRC last year they released one after about a month into the season and i think one after/around the All-Star break/trading deadline. may be wrong, but i have seen some updates in previous years.

and i'll third the "Hell yeah! I can finally start my Mets dynasty" post.
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FishBelly13 posted...
If you're going to start a franchise/rtts.....this is the only update you'll need.

Wait, I'm confused by this; Do you actually own this year's game? Just wondering how you know this.
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For the second year in a row Gary Brown (Giants) speed is way to low at an 83 for some reason. He's one of the fastest guys in the minors. His speed should be much much higher. If they were concerned about him being too good they could have lowered his base running ability way down since he's had difficulty with stealing bases last year.

Just remember these stats for the minor leaguers are very subjective and don't represent true ability for the most part.

Also I would go in and check stats on the players in your minor league system to make sure they are realistic. For example I will raise Browns speed and check what his overall is after. If its too high I'll lower base running and fielding so he's as fast as he should be but it doesn't affect those two areas too positively.

I realize a lot of effort went into these rosters but they haven't always been as impressive to me as people make out.

Besides with the way the game is creating young players too high, once you do through a year on franchise many of your true minor leaguers will be out of work anyway.
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Only nuschler could find a reason to complain about a completely free roster update not being 100% perfect to his liking.....troll on
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