15 Referrals? Ok, done!

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3 years ago#21
All I did was post a review on the app store page maybe three times or so and make a thread on TouchArcade.

Did you tell them they have to log in three days? Maybe people used your code but didn't log in after the first day.
3 years ago#22
acerola-orion can you please explain one of the simpler methods you mentioned? I'm currently out of ideas since the game is now device locked. I'd really appreciate any help I could get regarding this 15 referrals.

See you all in the game :D
3 years ago#23
I would also love to have some referrals, I've asked my friends, but they don't want to. X.X
3 years ago#24
Using BlueStacks is likely the easiest method. It doesn't even require you to do anything to your device. It's perfectly legal as well. And unlike the case of uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your phone, uninstalling and reinstalling BlueStacks -should- work. I haven't tried it though, since I was too lazy to do so and I ended up getting my referrals anyway, so I only gave myself one referral with it.
3 years ago#25
KittenLina posted...
I feel like this was directed partially at me for some reason... Ouch.

pnpdarrel posted...

No offense, if you can't think of one yourself, you don't deserve to know.

Uninstall the game, and reinstall it when you choose to do so for making that remark.

This wasn't aimed towards you. Why would it be?
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3 years ago#26
Thanks for the support. And I really should have thought of BlueStacks myself. Gonna go try that!
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3 years ago#27
I couldn't get Bluestacks to work, even with reinstalling it, it keeps thinking it's the same device.
3 years ago#28
I've not tried this but i hear you can root bluestacks after that not sure how to get it to see it as a new device....but easiest way for me to get invites is Best Buy's or any cell phone store with demo's =D
ign mindbinder888
3 years ago#29
If only i found this board sooner:/ too late to try it now-.-
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3 years ago#30
I asked this on android forum but looks more active here. My buddy started and used my referal id and he got his ashe already but i havent, is there a delay for the inviting account?

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