Tips for a beginner?

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Hello, all!

I recently just got my first iPhone and perused the app store-- I came across this little gem, and downloaded it probably a month ago. I didn't really get into it until just two days ago, and I'm absolutely HOOKED.

The thing is, though, I'm pretty new. I don't know the ins or outs, all I do is quest and brigade, rinse and repeat. I don't know what abilities to look out for, which weapons to look out for, what the function of Evolving or Enhancing (or, for that matter, Transmuting) is, and I'm not sure if I need a party or not. I'm about Lv. 35, J.Lv. 9 Red Mage (I plan to be a Dancer, they're my favorite FF class-- would anyone recommend this class, or should I be something else?), and I recently lumped most of my weapons into my Zwill Crossblade and it made it Lv. 27! I didn't use scrolls, nor did I use any of my Event weapons.

SO, if anyone can provide me basic tips, if I'm on the right track, how to increase my damage output, etc, I would LOVE that!

My name on the game is fancycakes by the way, and like I said, I'm a Red Mage (I switch between male and female often)

TYSM in advance, people! :)
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Copied from an archived thread, here's a picture of what it takes to unlock all jobs.

My main advice would be to level jobs, to do the events, and to sell any weapons under SR (Under R+ if they're event) and any N, N+, and R abilities (N and N+ event).

Don't try to take it too fast, work on getting event weapons, transmuting them to SR+, and building your library Get into a good party, and focus on hitting everything at least once, since it will get you scrolls and possibly more.

I'm here if you need any help.
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Thanks for the warm reception, it's always nice to have a buddy in the beginner stages of starting a game haha.

What exactly is Transmutation, and how do I do it? (I couldn't really find info on it in the Help section of the game...)

Also, does mastering the different Jobs have any benefits?
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Nintendo_MyLife posted...

What exactly is Transmutation, and how do I do it? ?

Equivalent exchange. You cannot gain without losing. Basically what you do is you draw a triangle, with a circle, and some other pattern on the ground, clap your hands, and the circle will glow blue with electricity, and whatever you want will have happened.

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best advice yet