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Ok, now what's the BEST item in the game?
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What is the worst item in the game?
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rottenmonk463/3 4:02PM
I still think [Spoiler] is the hardest boss in this game.
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Rain6152193/2 5:52PM
What are your personal records for Guppy's Collar revivals (in one run)?TropicMoon1073/2 12:00AM
So, is The Lamb... (Spoilers about bosses)Dunmer99932/25 1:37PM
That feel when you have blank card and chaos card...
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Colonel Alloy262/24 6:38PM
How often do YOU donate?CidiusCistus62/23 12:05PM
Seeds Topic (reborn)Lvthn22/22 9:56AM
Walking in and out a door really fast makes you skip rooms?
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ReahThorolund132/20 4:50AM
Mod that helps to prevent overpowered runs (saw it once, now can't find it)PsoLucky77762/19 5:59PM
could someone answer this for me?ZeroJinKui22/18 4:14PM
Achievements bugged?STG Deathbot72/14 11:18PM
I beat Isaac with half a soul heart!Reagga62/14 2:55PM
Floors missing a secret room?FerretDruid32/13 10:19AM
I feel like there needs to be a custom made fight stick made for this (Archived)carljenk42/11 3:40AM
Holy moly, looks like playing original Isaac helped! (Archived)J_walker652/9 12:02PM
Four missing items... (Archived)Qaantar72/9 11:45AM
Wait, has the bedroom always worked like this? (Archived)Colonel Alloy72/6 4:39PM
What time you assume expansion comes out? Month or 2 otta do it, right? (Archived)
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So close, yet so far.. 6 achievements left (Archived)ToInt3252/5 12:12PM