Dark Souls II bosses will be more epic than Demon's Souls + DS ( Spoilers )

#1xenosaga123Posted 1/17/2014 12:14:31 PM
Yeaaaa Dark Souls II boss fights will be EPIC!!!! Oh yea and people only seen a few of them, it will be very interesting the boss battles in Dark Souls II and imagine the last bosses!!!! GAAAASP!!!! 0.0

Here are the Demon's Souls bosses ( Spoilers )


and Dark Souls 1 bosses ( Spoilers )


Oh yea Dark Souls II bosses will be even more extremely climactic!!!! :)

Makes you wanna do a Demon's Souls and Dark Souls marathon right before beginning to play Dark Souls II. :)
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But srrsly I hope it has another fatty
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I want more bosses like Kalameet, Artorias, Manus and O/S
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and flamelurker (as in, gets much faster and more aggressive around 30-40% hp)
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I want beanpole to be more than a euphamism.