What are the gamefaqs Souls community playing until Dark Souls 2 comes out?

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User Info: Miyasakiii

3 years ago#1
Just for curiosity, what else are you playing, besides the occasional pvp match in DkS1, until 3/11/14 (dat epic date x))?

What I'll be playing:

Dynasty Warriors Next (PS+ free for Vita)
Bioshock Infinite (PS+ free, not expecting to play a lot because I suck at any FPSs)
Metro Last Light (same as above)
Mass Effect (AT LAST!)
DmC (not finished, yet another from PS+)
Also recently I've been having some urges to go replay Dragon's Dogma. And no bull$hitty same overleveled character, a fresh new start.

And I guess that's about it. What will you be playing?

User Info: Izyxa

3 years ago#2
Dark Souls, CoD: Ghosts (bite me), DotA 2, LoL, FO: NV, and maybe some Skyrim (bite me again, I enjoy it)
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User Info: TheBatman91

3 years ago#3
Resident Evil Directors Cut
Followed by
Resident Evil 2
Followed by
Resident Evil 3
Followed by
Silent Hill
Followed by
Vagrant Story

Yeah i'm on sort of a nostalgia run.
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User Info: everyglenn17

3 years ago#4
Love vagrant story.

I'm replaying DkS and finally doing the dlc for the first time. Kalameet can suck it.
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User Info: Z_Zaw

3 years ago#5
MH3U, complete National Dex on Pokemon X and Demon's Souls. That should be enough for the longest month of my life.
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User Info: amrenjolly

3 years ago#6
MH3U and maybe some more Dragons Dogma after that.

User Info: Drago77

3 years ago#7
Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, COD: Ghosts, The Last of Us.

User Info: Jorumvar

3 years ago#8
Finally beating Dark Souls and DLC, and Last of US story DLC when it comes out. If I beat Dark Souls and the expansion before the new one comes out? I dunno, maybe Assassin's Creed 4

User Info: angeloglorioso

3 years ago#9
Dark Souls as a sorcerer(my first ever magic character), GTA V (not my kind of game but I'm enjoying it), and on 2/25 I'll dedicate 100% of my gaming time to Thief.
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User Info: thebruceshow

3 years ago#10
Dark Souls and LOTR BFME....

and clearing my work schedule for the week after 3/11/14
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  3. What are the gamefaqs Souls community playing until Dark Souls 2 comes out?

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