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Temple Knight? (No Spoilers, Please)

#1rld2Posted 3/9/2014 10:05:21 AM
Quick Question for people that know. What happened to the Temple Knight from the Beta? I was looking forward to rolling with one of those and trying a faith/melee build this time around.
#2brandonfordPosted 3/9/2014 10:07:16 AM
Temple Knight was for the beta only. No class exists.

That doesn't mean you can't make one with the classes that do exist.
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#3OhGoodPosted 3/9/2014 10:07:53 AM
It was just a build, not an actual class.

Start off as a warrior and start pumping points into faith
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#4rld2(Topic Creator)Posted 3/9/2014 10:30:16 AM
Thanks, guys. I was assuming that was the case, but I figured that I was ask, just in case. I'm one of the few, that like to go into a Souls game completely blind, as I ruined a couple of the very early stages of Demon Souls, and I've made sure not to repeat that mistake.

I did look at the basic classes and without looking at all of the starting stats, I was assuming that rolling a Warrior that "finds" his religion during the ordeal might be kind of fun (and thus, pumping points into Faith). I also am thinking about a Cleric that faces the reality that in this world, you have to kill to survive, so he/she (depending upon models) takes up arms (and thus pump points into Strength and the other melee-focused stats). I'm just not sure if that would be totally viable, since the early returns look like it would take a lot to make a Cleric into a fighter.

The good news...I get to work from home for the next 3 weeks, so I should have plenty of time to "check in" with the game, although my productivity at work is gonna stink for this week, I know. :)
#5brandonfordPosted 3/9/2014 10:33:37 AM
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#6ManuKesnaPosted 3/9/2014 10:53:05 AM
what was the temble knight stats?
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