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2 years ago#1
With 0% being "I've already played the full game" and 100% being "I haven't seen any media or read any info."

I'd put myself at 80%. I've played the beta twice, know the names and requirements of most of the weapons, spells and covenants, and know the names of about 3 or 4 non-beta bosses. But I've avoided streams and trailers though, as well as any story/NPC/enemy/area spoilers. As far as visual knowledge of the game outside of the beta area, I essentially know nothing.

How blind are you going to be?
2 years ago#2

I've only seen 30 minutes of Beta gameplay.
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2 years ago#3

Spoilers in topic titles...
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2 years ago#4

I know a little about the classes and the covenants, that's it. Watched about 30 seconds of some dude chillin looking at some waves. Super proud of myself I actually made it this long without spoiling most of the game.

Now I just have to resist looking anything up if I get stuck because it just snowballs from there.
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2 years ago#5
99% blind. I've watched maybe two or three trailers with minimal gameplay, and, even though I had access to the Betas, I never bothered playing them.
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2 years ago#6
I know a couple of things.
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2 years ago#7

I haven't even watched a trailer. Looking forward to this release so much!
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2 years ago#8
Guess I'm 90%. Played the Network Test and have kept up with most gameplay mechanics, but have avoided all story spoilers as well as covenant spoilers. The only things I've spoiled for were the number of weapons in my favorite weapon class (which I regret, it dulls the mystery) and the name of 1 boss.
2 years ago#9
95% blind.

I avoided the board until a few days ago. All I really know is the starter classes and a few changes to gameplay mechanics. I've only seen a few enemies from trailers and stuff, but thats about it.

I haven't looked into weapons or armor or anything like that either.
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2 years ago#10
93.1738%. Theres a .0005 margin of error.
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