Champions. Victor's Stones?

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Been inching forward in the Company of Champions all day. Info I have says "Victor's Stones" can be given for ranking and rewards. Been in the covenant all day, beaten two bosses, found a ton of awesome items and gear, but not a single "Victor's Stone" yet.

Anyone know where I can find them, or what one might have to "do" to get them?


I'm trying to play this as blind as possible. If you could avoid any major spoilers in your answer (any info on locations past Heide's Tower of Flame), I'd appreciate it!

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Been looking all night to no avail someone said enemies in one area dropped them earlier but I've killed them tell they stopped re-spawning and nothing(other then a helm and stuff).

Further searching on the board one guy in a random post said kill invaders but no link, source, or reply after that and a internet search as provided even less information other then before release they thought it would be a dueling covenant where we summon and fight each other one on one(doesn't seem that way.)

Anyone even got one yet lol?
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So the "Champion's Tablet" you get for joining has about 80 people listed as having turned in Victor's Stones.

I'll head to a new area and await invaders, see if I get anything for killing them. If not, I guess I'll drop my white sign, both large and small, see if that works.

Oh, boy! This game! So stoked to be a part of the initial "figuring stuff out" time.

Cheers, again!
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Yeah post if you get any drops I'll do the same (^.^)b best of luck may your number of deaths be small.
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Don't read this unless you wanna learn about what stuff does

The Champion's Convenant makes the game harder. Rumor has it you only get the Victor's Stones when you beat one of the 4 "main" bosses in the story.
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I will, I'll likely be up for the next 12 hours working on it. Good luck to you too. :)
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One awestone dropped from the old greatsword knight right outside the dragonrider boss. Didn't get one from a boss or anything, was just a random drop.
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Table-kun posted...
One awestone dropped from the old greatsword knight right outside the dragonrider boss. Didn't get one from a boss or anything, was just a random drop.

hmm they stopped spawning and and didn't get any maybe it's just super rare? ty for info (^.^)b

Edit: side note got like a full set of the armor it's amazing lol.
#9OldKyePosted 3/11/2014 7:39:32 PM(edited)
Oh tips for fighting those knights btw.

Sword and shield - circle right close will dodge all three attacks(they do 4 if they make contact with a straight jab at the end) then attack a few times and circle again.

Great Sword - the Shield ones will back off as long as you don't get close tell hes dead circle left this not only lets you dodge the overheads but will put you under the horizontal sweep.

Hammer - mostly slow smashes easy to roll out of the way of but hurt is they hit don't get greedy.

Other things they drop.

Old knights armor(so far have gotten helm, chest, and legs so I assume they drop the full set)
Cracked red eye orbs(from the Great Sword ones it seems)
Cracked blue eye orbs(from the Shield ones)
Palestone(crafting mat that takes off special abilities on a weapon)

Still trying for a Awestone. (^.^)b
#10OldKyePosted 3/11/2014 7:50:06 PM
CONFIRMED got a Awestone ^.^

Only took about 70 knights to get one lol(god getting 50 is going to suck)

I'm wonder if all enemies have a chance to drop them? also ty for the tip to getting them.