Weapon that scales with INT

#1Deimos121Posted 3/13/2014 11:56:15 AM
Hey guys,
Going for a arcane warrior kind of vibe this play through and I'm wondering if anyone has come across any good INT scaling weapons. Been using the flame longsword currently. I know the moonlight greatsword is in the game (NG or using bonfire ascetic I believe) but I'm a ways away from that.
#2DrummerShane12Posted 3/13/2014 11:58:25 AM
I would like to know as well
#3Deimos121(Topic Creator)Posted 3/13/2014 12:01:24 PM
How far in are you Shane?
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I'd love to know this too. I don't get the game 'till tomorrow morning. Thanks, English release date. lol. Anyway, i'd love to know this, because i'm planning on doing a dual-wielder/sorcerer hybrid and some good INT weapons would be a real boon. Please help! :3
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#5xXDarkxIdealsXxPosted 3/13/2014 12:47:18 PM(edited)
The moonlight greatsword and bluemoon greatsword do, as well as any weapon you upgrade (infuse) with fire, dark, or magic elements.

Elemental weapons are different in this game, you dont actually "ascend" the weapon your just "enchanting" it like in other rpg's like skyrim or something. In this game you dont completely lose the physical scaling, you keep like an E or D for you str/dex, but you gain lightning/fire/magic/bleed/poison effect etc.. and gain scaling based on the stat that governs that element.

Magic weapons scale with INT

Fire weapons scale mostly with INT but also with FAITH

Lightning weapons scale with FAITH

Dark weapons scale with FAITH but also with INT in the same way adapt. does

Bleed weapons scale with DEX mostly but also strangely get a little FAITH scaling as well

Poison weapons scale with DEX mostly but also get a little with ATT as well

And all of these weapons retain a slight STR/DEX scaling
#6GrowshroomPosted 3/13/2014 12:18:51 PM
Two queries I have:
-If I have a weapon that I've already upgraded to +(insert #) and I then choose to use an Ember on it, will the Ember's scaling be applied retroactively, or only from that point onward when it comes to upgrades? Basically, if as a Sorcerer I've already gotten a +7, is that weapon now non-viable as Magic/Fire?
-I noticed what looked like two separate INT-scaling embers: one Magic, the other Enchanted. Is this like it was in Dark 1, where Enchanted gets higher INT scaling and lower physical scaling, while Magic maintains all three? Or is Magic the only INT scaling upgrade path now?
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#7Deimos121(Topic Creator)Posted 3/13/2014 12:20:41 PM
Thanks for info dark
Based off of this mechanic I'm going to guess that there probably aren't that many "base" weapons that are going to scale with INT...
#8ShinjiplPosted 3/13/2014 12:24:28 PM
xXDarkxIdealsXx posted...
The moonlight greatsword and bluemoon greatsword do, as well as any weapon you upgrade (infuse) with fire, dark, or magic elements.

The Bluemoon Greatsword doesn't scale with INT (it doesn't scale with anything), only the Moonlight Greatsword does.
#9DrummerShane12Posted 3/13/2014 12:34:20 PM
I'm still fairly early in the game. Just beat first boss. What do I need to enchant to fire or magic? And how do i do it?
#10FurryWulfzPosted 3/13/2014 12:36:28 PM
I'm seriously wondering this too...

I chose sorcerer to make a mage, and I've been stuck with this bloody Fire Longsword since the beginning...