How to get Sunlight medals?

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2 years ago#1

I want the miracles that come with it, does anyone know how to get them? Can you find them lying around?
2 years ago#2
Put down your summon sign and win the boss fight in another world
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2 years ago#3
Ah right cool

Does anyone know how many you need? Or if any enemies drop them at all? Or is the only way through online play?
2 years ago#4
I got one on the Covetous Demon by summoning someone with a golden name and winning the fight.
2 years ago#5
As far as I know, they are only obtainable through online play.
For the miracle, Sunlight Spear, you need to offer 30 Medals to the Covenant altar.
2 years ago#6
DS1 you could find a few lying around but it is a purely online covenant of helping people I always respected the sun bros as they mercilessly cut me down until my red vestige turned to ash....

Take that back hate you all! (j/k hehe ^.^)b

But yeah you need to be online and help people.
2 years ago#7
Fair enough, looks like I'll have to grind out some online play until someone discovers otherwise, thanks
2 years ago#8
Does anyone with the guide book know? I'm gonna be without internet all week posting from my phone
2 years ago#9
One last bump for good luck!
2 years ago#10
It's 30 medals.
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