FAQ - Doors, Treasures, Areas, Hidden Bonfires and a Short Walkthrough

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----------The Gutter----------

Is there a boss in this place?

Damn this place is so dark. Where do I have to go?
Hard to explain the way, but use the torch and light all of the broken statues. It will let you know where you have been already and where not.

How do I open the door?
You need the Forgotten Key, which you get in the Black Gulch by dropping on a ledge next to two worm enemies and then dropping yet another time. Beat the 2 giants of which one will drop the item.

I see many blue shiny things far ahead when I look from the first bonfire. Is this a graphical error or are those items?
Items. However explaining you how to get there is impossible. All I can say is, have a torch in your hand and then it involves dropping down a lot!

----------Black Gulch----------

How do I open this door?
Drop down yet another time and fight the two giants. One of them will drop the Forgotten Key which opens that door. Get back up with the help of the elevator and back to the door.

This old guy says something about meeting me later again? What is this about?
You have to meet him in all three locations to be able to join the Abyss Covenant: Shaded Woods near third bonfire, Black Gulch (where you open the door with the Forgotten Key), Drangleic Castle near third bonfire.

----------Drangleic Castle----------

How do I open the doors to the Castle?
Kill enemies near the Stone Giant Statues.

How do I open the doors in the room with many stone enemies?
You kill one near the door you want to unlock.

What do these two Stone Giants with torches do after activated?
Seems like nothing, only lighting up the room.

What do I do in the throne room? There are only two big chairs here and nothing else?
Bonfire Intensity 2/NG+ content only.

How do I get to the second bonfire on the list?
Just before the boss room go back a bit and climb down the first ladder. Turn around and reveal an illusionary wall with X button.

How do I get to the third bonfire on the list?
In the room with the many stone enemies you have to open the last door on the left by killing an enemy near it. Inside the room you can drop down, just walk around.

This old guy says something about meeting me later again? What is this about?
You have to meet him in all three locations to be able to join the Abyss Covenant: Shaded Woods near third bonfire, Black Gulch (where you open the door with the Forgotten Key), Drangleic Castle near third bonfire.

How do I open this weird door to free the woman?
Beat the Boss in Shrine of Amana to get the Key.

What does the cursing picture do?
Aside from cursing you, nothing else at this point.
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----------Shrine of Amana----------

How do I open the door which is hidden behind branches after going across the long bridge between the second and third bonfire?
You have to beat the optional boss in the Undead Crypt. The big guy wandering around behind the actual boss fight. After doing so come back here, make sure that you are in human form and the door will open.

How do I open the door near the fourth bonfire?
We have been wondering about this one for a long time (Kill certain boss, be in certain covenant, etc.) Most recent theory is: Free the woman locked behind the weird door in Drangleic Castle. Should this be true then credits go to Saiyax.

After going through the door (mentioned above) next to the fourth bonfire I come across a Fire Shrine. What is it good for?
It restores your humanity if you are hollowed. (Drazilus was the first to post this info). However there are more requirements to it. It seems that you must not have a single Human Effigy left in your inventory, also not in your item box. Dropping it just before it also doesnt seem to work. Needs more confirmation but seems legit. Credits go to blutiger_engel

----------Undead Crypt----------

On my way to the boss there are too many enemies! And then the bell rings and even more enemies come! Help!
Below the stairs is an enemy who rings the bell, make sure to kill him first. Other than that feel free to skip the enemies, running right of them, at the end between them and roll :)

There is this big undead guy wandering around with a big sword. Ive been hitting him with my sword, but nothing happens?
Hit him a few more times and you will reveal an optional boss.

This big undead guy is killing me in 2 hits and I deal only minor damage to him! How to kill him?
The boss has extremely high initial Physical Defense. However it gets lower the more of this item you have: "Soul of a Giant". There are 5 of these. 3 of them are gotten of dead Giants in the 3 memories in Forest of Fallen Giants. Another is gotten from one of the two Giants in the Black Gulch one of which drops the Forgotten Key. The Fifth one you get by killing the NPC at the end of Dragon Shrine, which you attack to reveal an optional boss battle. You can also respawn him with bonfire ascetics and eventually get infinite Souls of Giant. (really not needed though)

----------Aldia's Keep----------

What does unpetrifying the Cyclops enemy do?
You get an item, other than that nothing.

Where do I find the Key in Aldia´s Keep?
It is in the room to the left with the enemies on the corrosive fluid. After killing them unequip all your items so they dont get damaged. Then safely get the key from one of the corpses.

That Key doesn´t work on the big chained door! How to open that one?
You have to make one of the big enemies break it.

Those wooden carts are shaking. How do I destroy them?
In the area with the big enemies you can make them smash those to reveal additional enemies. However for the first two you come across where there are no enemies, I assume you have to use a bonfire ascetic/be in NG+ so that additional enemies appear there. Other than that, I have no clue.

Where do I find the second bonfire in this area?
Before the room with the corrosive fluid, there are stairs. Check the left wall on these stairs with the X button to reveal an illusionary wall. Credits go to freakris86
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----------Dragon Aerie----------

How do I get this one item on a corpse? I mean the one on a platform from where it seems you can only drop to your death?
You have to use the zipline and drop down at the right moment, so yes risky treasure. Also after that as I see it, teleporting back is the only way to go back aside from dying.

----------Dragon Shrine----------

What is the Petrified Egg good for?
Give it to Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron Keep to join the Dragon Covenant.
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Re: Undead Crypt -

Not that this matters much, but about 9/10 times I get summoned, people aren't aware you can drop down near the second bonfire and light up crypt via that little statue.
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