Silverblack Spear v.s. Silverblack Sickle: Which is better for hex users?

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Okay so upon reading through applesforapples hex users build thread here:

I realized I should probably find a weapon that has inherent dark damage to use when I need to fall back on melee. Especially considering I'm getting a little tired of the plain old fire longsword I've been sporting since day 1.

Now here is the thing: From what I've read you don't get access to the Silverblack Sickle until end game after you have beaten all 4 major bosses. And I already have a Silverblack Spear I could use! So before I go ahead and spend the souls on leveling up my dex high enough to wield the spear... I was wondering should I just wait until I can use the Sliverblack Sickle? OR is there any other weapons with relatively low str/dex requirements that sport some inherent dark damage?

The weapon received from the skeleton lords isn't really an option since I ate his soul twice already after using a bonfire ascetic to acquire the clear bluestone ring+2

Basically, I'm looking for a decent mid game weapon sporting dark damage with low str/dex requirements... Is the Silverback Spear I already have my best bet here? Any opinions are appreciated and thanks for reading :)
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I have the spear, saw it's usage, it's advantage, but haven't really given it a try. Imo, it really boils down to what weapon you like using and why? I've never been a huge fan of Spears, maybe hood, but I don't like the limited moveset, aka poke poke poke. Idk how good they are at guard breaking either. But they can be good in pvp, Good stunlock quick movement.

Upgraded, I bet it's pretty strong when buffed. U aughta simply do some testing on your own. Upgrade it to plus 3, test it on minions, put a dark night stone in it test it on minions. Buff in both tests, test b4 and after buff. If u like, give it a go!
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Can't be worse than the Roaring Halberd. Man have I been disappointed with it so far. Only +3 w/ darkstone infusion atm. Here's hoping it eventually gets better than C scaling in dark, as my +4 fire longsword does approximate damage so far.
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If ur a hex user, have 30/30 int/faith, it really is all about finding the weapon you like, and building it up till you find one you like better. I'm close to end game, and I'm still using plus 10 dark katana with dark buff, and I'm slicing through most everything including pvpers. I like the katana cuz I'm still at 10 str, it's base requirement and 18 dex (requirement is 16, got dark mlgs in my back pocket)

Your weapon is your back up, or when u don't want to cast. Hex users Imo, aughta be casting first, melee when in a pinch.
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