If the Avelyn nerf doesn't come soon I'm done.

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1 year ago#1
Getting ridiculous. Everyone is packing them these days. As soon as they realize that they can't win, they just start shootin. No shame. No honor. THey better do something fast or people are gonna start losing interest.
1 year ago#2

wait for it.
1 year ago#3
1 year ago#4
Git gud u sorry scrub
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1 year ago#5
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1 year ago#6
Steel Panther rocks my ****ing socks. Yup, that's right. I said it.
Oh, and Praise dat motherf'n sun! PRAISE IT!
1 year ago#7
Keep waiting...
1 year ago#8
What a scrub. I hope they buff it.
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1 year ago#9
TC translation: Damn people using weapons found in the game that I can't dodge. Patch this, From Soft!
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1 year ago#10
I feel ya man. Lotta peeps just say git gud, roll, and what not but packin that kinda firepower in dual weilded avelyns is kinda silly. The worst part is it kills a lot of the comebacks in fights as ppl just get you down to 30% and then spam avelyn at you. Not saying it is impossible to come back by any means but it is pretty crappy.....
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  3. If the Avelyn nerf doesn't come soon I'm done.

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