Prediction: Fume Knight will get nerfed.

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User Info: bopjo1

2 years ago#1
His AOE damage & range will get nerfed and his HP reduced.

Why do I say this? In 24 hrs. of co-opping against that boss, maybe 3 or 4 hosts have beaten him. Those abysmally low odds make me think he will eventually get nerfed like Lost Sinner.

User Info: BFMV_Fever

2 years ago#2
His health is a bit much, and getting 2hKO by all of his attacks, but everything else is fine.
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User Info: Snipa_Wulf12

2 years ago#3
I hope not
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User Info: chupachup

2 years ago#4
why ? he's so easy solo, dodge, smack, smack, dodge, smack, smack. rinse repeat then tea bag him.
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User Info: DJ_0000

2 years ago#5
He's one of the most fair bosses in the game in my opinion, there's nothing about him that deserves any sort of nerf. He has a lot of range but everything can be avoided, he has a lot of health but he's not meant to be killed quickly.

User Info: MistahApplez

2 years ago#6
He doesn't need a nerf.

At all.
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User Info: EpicHobo1

2 years ago#7
No nerf plz, bosses are actually mostly fair and really challenging in the DLC's.
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User Info: KA1N3R

2 years ago#8
I really dont understand how so many hosts often die against him.
With summons he is pretty easy.

User Info: Soulexking49

2 years ago#9
I think he's fun to fight in that it takes a bit if effort unlike most other bosses

User Info: Onion_Jr

2 years ago#10
I hope not. He's one of the few bosses in Dark Souls 2 that give a legitimate challenge without being cheap. I don't understand why people are having such a hard time against him. Let go of your heavy armor and shield and learn to dodge.
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  3. Prediction: Fume Knight will get nerfed.

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