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2 years ago#1
ok near the main town (forgot the name) there is a path to an area with a statue that is blocking a switch. Which i am assuming you break it or turn it back into a person whatever. I thought ok i must have to come back later. But now there is another statue blocking a bonfire that i really want to get, did i miss the way to get rid of them or do i just have to come back later?
2 years ago#2
You'll get an item later that lets you return statues to life. That said, the one blocking that switch is probably the first person you'll want to revive.
2 years ago#3
Ah ok i just hate running past those guys with bandages on their faces that jump at you and explode.
2 years ago#4
Is the item miss able and how many times can you use it?
2 years ago#5
Fragrant branch of yore is what you're looking for.
It's a one-time use thing.. You'll find multiple of them if you just keep looking.

The Harvest Mills

In the first mistpool you come across you can kill the big beast Dark Orb hurling beast to find a small cave behind him containing a Fragrant Brand of Yore. This Brand is the easiest to attain.

At the Mines bone fire take a left into the open space and then take a left again, you will see one of those big Dark Orb hurling beasts, but before you reach him you should take a right. You will find yourself in a small area with four Crescent wielding Butchers. Dispose of them and knock down the wood on all the little enclaves. You will find a path leading to a Fragrant Brand of Yore on the second upper enclave from the right.

Sinners’ Rise

Defeat the Sinner and find it in a chest on your way to a primal bonfire

Shaded Woods

If you walk straight away from the Shaded Ruins bonfire and go up, then take a right you will find a Lion statue, use a Fragrant Brand of Yore to turn him back alive. The chest he was guarding will contain a Fragrant Brand of Yore and some other loot.
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