How to use Pyromancy?

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2 years ago#1
Ok maybe a dumb question but how do I use Pyromancy? I beat the thing in the pirate ship at no mans warf and picked up the hand with a spell

I cant use anything.

And where did Rosabeth of Melfia go??? I un petrified her and I cant find her back at Majula
2 years ago#2
You need to exhaust her dialogue to get her to go back to Majula. Once she arrives, you'll find her near the monument that records total player deaths. To use the pyromancy flame glove, you need to equip it, and attune spells at a bonfire. After that just press rb, or lb to cast the spell equiped. Pressing up on the d-pad changes the spell when you have multiple equiped. Raise attunement to increase the amount of spell slots. Southern Ritual Band increases the number, if you don't want to put points in ATN.
2 years ago#3
She appears at the bottom of the hill the Covenant of the meek use.
2 years ago#4
Got it thanks!

Thats why I cant use anything, I dont have any slots.
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