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User Info: whiteboygene

3 years ago#1
Thief Mask <-----\
Alva Armor <--- [As a female ginger warrior, I have to say this outfit looks kewldood]
Falconer Gauntlets <--/
Wanderer Boots <----/

Wanderer Hood
Grave Warden Top [alternate]
Leather Gloves
Hard Leather Boots

Imported Hood
Prisoner's Tatters [scary stay away]
Grave Warden Cuffs (or whatever)
Penal Skirt

I have yet to beat the game... I'm sure you b***** are stylin'.
"Of course we sing, we're a gang!"

User Info: Timeout420

3 years ago#2
King's crown
Agdayne's black robe
Engraved gauntlets
Agdayne's kilt

I don't even know why im still keeping my VIT at 27 lol i might respec soon.
GT: big boss henry

User Info: White_D3vi1

3 years ago#3
I like sets, currently wearing Velstadt's. Was rocking Drakekeeper with the Drangleic helm forever.
GT: White D3vi1

User Info: Dark_Jinouga

3 years ago#4
Full black dragon

Sooo shiny *_* and its some of the guest light armor in game
Official Sunset Staff of the Dark Souls II board

User Info: Jpalleschi

3 years ago#5
Full Looking Glass Knight set. Mask looks awful, I hate it, but it's pretty high defenses and I can still quick roll with it. I haven't seen anyone else rocking it yet either.

User Info: Xero9376

3 years ago#6
Dragonrider Helm
Llewellyn Armor
Drakekeeper Gauntlets
Kings Leggings
Kings Shield

User Info: dillon1278

3 years ago#7
Hexer Hood
Leydia Black Robes
Heide Knight Leggings
Astrologist Gloves

Magic Washing Pole Plus 10
Magic Bow of Want +5
Dark Caitha's Chime +10
Pyromancy Flame +10
If you conjure something in Vivec, and noones around to see you, do the Ordinators still kick your ass?

User Info: kennyh09

3 years ago#8
Full mad warrior set
Including blade

User Info: xo0Achilles0ox

3 years ago#9
Nothing on head (I'm too pretty)
Desert Priestess Top +10 (yay for cleavage)
Lion Warrior Cuffs +9 (or maybe Lion Mage Cuffs; whichever adds fall resistance)
Penal Skirt +5 (With every forward roll i get a face full of crotch)

Hurrah for perverts everywhere!
Wake up! Whadlillpuddanbake up! Donleafgreypupon table! - SOAD

User Info: dratsablive

3 years ago#10
Black Witch and Astrologist sets
Xbox Live and PSN dratsablive
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