I was excited for this game until I realized it was for steam

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I aint gonna be no company shill
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agree, steam is the worse thing to happen to gaming. It's practically spyware
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Yeah, I really hate when I try to start my game, and it takes my picture and personal info first, and then it doesnt even start my game!
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In seriousness, i hate that it wont let me install even though the australian release date is today. Steam pls
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Steam is a memory hog on low-end systems.
That's the only legit complaint anyone could possibly have.

Could Steam be better? Yes. Miles. Valve is lazy, stupid and overrated. Does that make Steam worse than any other online retailer? Nope.

You're just complaining about DRM for no reason. Or you might be one of those entitled brats who got their hands on the physical copy of the game early and get butt blasted because you can't install and play before anyone else, nevermind the fact that the PC servers for multiplayer functions probably don't even turn on until tomorrow to begin with.

bnui_ransder posted...
Yeah, I really hate when I try to start my game, and it takes my picture and personal info first, and then it doesnt even start my game!

Wait, am I responding to a le epic troll meymey topic?
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It has a loooooot of stupid crap it needs to fix, but do you agree it is in no way the demons spawn of hell that people make it out to be?
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bnui_ransder posted...
I aint gonna be no company shill

I just wanted to be clear about what i post regarding Steam.

There is a difference between using a service as a way for people to purchase a game, and then forcing people to require that same service to install launch and play the game.

Steam, UPLAY, and Origin need to take a lesson from GOG (Good Old Games) GOG has a GOG downloader which is needed to download a game you purchased from them off their website...Now once you're done downloading the game, the GOG is no longer needed. you can just install launch and play the game without any program needed.

The fact is games do not NEED steam to install launch and play, game developers force players to use it by allowing valve to Make the game that wasn't made with Steam to now require it. And anyone that wants nothing to do with Steam knows exactly why it's idiotic to force a service that's 100% unnecessary onto people.

People will say that I like talking to my friends and all this crap..but you can do all that without forcing people to HAVE to launch Steam in order to play a game that doesn't even need it.. XFIRE is direct proof of this. Xfire is a separate program that does every single thing and more than Steam does but doesn't need to be running to play a game.

Steam is a delivery service ONLY and that's where it needs to end...People should be able to launch a games EXE without Steam starting up...We want to play a game instead of having a program that causes problems and running in order to play the game.

it's also a base fact that when Games are run through Steam they suffer major performance hits and problems that wouldn't be happening if Steam wasn't required.

This is proven by people who use Cracks to Stabilize games. Removing Steam from the equation of Install launching and playing games = Better game play

Skyrim is direct proof if this, there is absolutely nothing Skyrim needs on Steam..nothing...it's not an online game, it doesn't require a server..nothing...So why did they force Steam onto people with it for no reason. And Skyrim was crashing a lot when people were playing it through Steam and had no problems playing it once they removed Steam from their computer...If the game runs fine without Steam and crashes with Steam..then clearly the problem is Steam...
#8pr0adamPosted 4/23/2014 7:51:29 PM
idk i just never have a problem with steam
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#9bnui_ransder(Topic Creator)Posted 4/23/2014 7:59:32 PM(edited)
Right, a lot of us know that steam has some BS.

The fact I stopped taking you seriously was the 2 categories everyone MUST be in.

Company Shill
Valve Defense Squad

You are taking your views to an extreme and in no way are ready to listen or even view others opinions.

You have to either absolutely hate or love steam. I cant just deal with it and wish it was better.

EDIT: Also, I have personally never had a problem with steam. I must be lucky. The worst I had was trading an item in TF2 disappeared and had to ask them to get it back.
#10Tekken9292Posted 4/23/2014 8:01:20 PM
Gross, I feel like you're putting Skyrim and DaS II into the same category.
You do understand DaS II has very deep multiplayer mechanics, right?

I seriously hope you don't pirate DaS II and miss out on the release-period multiplayer experience just because you don't want your CPU to work 10% harder from Steam Overlay processes.
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