How to properly decline an invitation to a fight club at Iron Keep Bridge.

#1ravagglePosted 8/23/2014 10:04:09 PM
2H Greatsword + Running R1 on host near the edge in the center alcove = no thanks lads.

I realize it was a dick move, but I was laughing pretty good for about 5 minutes straight.
#2ProtoBladeXPosted 8/23/2014 11:42:56 PM(edited)
yea i see that a lot... the golf swing i call it [think happy gilmore]... it's pretty lame but not nearly as bad as the countless bridge-dwellers that team up with white phantoms&sunbros to 3v1 unwitting red soapstone phantoms. at least you can parry the 2h ultra greatsword attack really easily. of course neither of those things is bad at all compared to hacking for pvp obviously.... if hacking weren't an issue then i would maybe think an argument about dks2 pvp etiquette makes sense, but hacking is so rampant nowadays that i feel like it's the only thing worth advocating against. especially hacking in the red covenant's arena. at least hackers seem to stay out of the arenas for the most part... but so far i've already encountered hackers using like 10 different kinds of hacks... the worst to deal with besides infinite hp (which that golfswing is actually perfect for), infinite poise(anti-golfswing), or chains of corrosive urns/acid surge spell to instantly break all your gear, is this other hack that i saw that some dude used to lag my graphic card, curse me like 5+ times and then petrify me instantly... petrify being something that's usually impossible in pvp as far as i know
#3AvlaenPosted 8/25/2014 9:50:47 PM
ive only ever fought one hacker so far in my entire Dark souls 2 pvping o.o
#4Deadboy90Posted 9/1/2014 11:11:17 AM
Avlaen posted...
ive only ever fought one hacker so far in my entire Dark souls 2 pvping o.o

Your lucky. I haven't been so bad, since I got the game 2 months ago I have seen less that 10. But last night I had one using karate moves on me. No idea what that was about. The others have had infinite health, stamina, poise, and super speed to instantly run up and destroy you. One was running a fight club and when you lost he ran up and acid pot streamed all your gear to pieces. I live in fear of the ones that kill NPCs and ruin your save files.
#5DarkWaifuPosted 9/7/2014 4:14:40 PM
Every hacker I've fought has at least been funny. I had a guy invade and then use WoG. He must've set it to loop because he just started sliding around WoGing, and it actually crashed the game. I was in a fight club where the master of the world could jump across the entirety of the Iron Keeps bridge. I did have one guy that instakilled me though.
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