just finished the game, my thoughts

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3 years ago#11
This game needs passwords/saves.

Some of us have to work, you know?
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3 years ago#12
Game was okay...not the best......not the hardest either....bosses were kinda hard but a lot of the weapons you gain from them really suck....no mini-bosses too......also no mega man'ish giant robots or anything too.....was expecting a giant boss after M.Bison...i saved up 4 e tanks for it and that was it...I beat M. Bison like nothing and it was over lol

overall i give this a 7/10
3 years ago#13
The game takes 50 minutes to beat. You don't need saves unless you're really, really bad. -.-
3 years ago#14
From: quittaboi78 | #005
smallpoxx posted...
No saves.... That's just not acceptable.

It's really unfortunate that people are spoiled by modern games and Steam, because asking for saving in this game is a lot like asking for a save feature for the first three or four worlds of Super Mario Bros. for NES. The stages in this game are probably the shortest the Mega Man series has ever had, and outside of a few gimmicks here and there the game is primarily centered around the boss battles (and honestly it probably should have been the only focus). It's like the controller issue - it's right there in the Readme, kids.

I wouldn't have issues with the game not having Saves if it wasn't made in Game Maker.

Despite it being a game that's been made by both Capcom and a Fan, it's still made using Game Maker, which is not known for being the most stable development platform on the PC. A random crash or lock up due to Game Maker being Game Maker is pain enough, but having something like that happen near the end of the game with no way to resume your progress afterwards is a kick to the teeth.

Mega Man Rocks at-least had a Password Feature to compensate for Game Maker's instability, and it's disappointing to see that SFXMM wasn't given at-least that.
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3 years ago#15
It was fun for a fan game, I liked it. A password feature and joypad configuration would have been super though.
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