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4 years ago#1
How come when I play this game, the music stops and it's slow as hell, but the sound effects sound beautiful? Oh, and from Capcom: Happy Birthday Mega Man! I guess xD
4 years ago#2
I'm also having these problems. I was playing the Ryu level. After some point, it happened.
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4 years ago#3
it runs at half speed for me all the time

maybe my pc just sucks
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4 years ago#4
runs like garbage on my pc and laptop
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4 years ago#5
Same here. The Chun li stage is the only one that runs smoothly, the rest are painfully slow, I have no idea why, my pc is way above to the minimum requirements.
4 years ago#6
use Razer Game works shockingly well to increase game speed, for this game especially. I was having some problems and now it runs silky smooth like Dhalsim's bald head!
4 years ago#7
I already tried that. There was no change at all.

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