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User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#21
MM2 only lets you stock 4 e-tanks despite there being more than 4 in the game. SFxMM lets you stock 9 despite there being only 6 in the game.
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User Info: pichtt

4 years ago#22
JohnathanSawyer posted...
These passwords are just meant to help those out the most, so I don't see the point in making passwords without E-Tanks at all. The more the better.

And I put these up in the order they go as I suggested in the walkthrough. Each person is more than welcome to post his/her own, but this is as far as I'm going.

No no. What I mean is when you use 4-tank new game password to start your loop. If you start with Chun-Li, you will end up with the same 4-tanks password with 1 less collectable E-tank. And that's just a waste of opportunity.

If you start the loop from Blanka stage, then People could have use a password where you beat Blanka, Rose, Rolanto, and Urien with 4 E-tanks. And the one who use that password will be able to collect the other 4 E-tanks from the rest of the stages.

As of why there isn't any password that allows you to have more than 4 E-tanks is basically what n00bsaib0t said. Since they share the same Password method, it is impossible to have more than 4 tanks. (You will understand it once you know how the password works....And believe me, there is no way to make it so that we can have more than 4 E-tanks password.)
Let's move to dood
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User Info: JohnathanSawyer

4 years ago#23
Ah, sorry, I misunderstood you. I can see that being helpful... I may have to take some time to do that as well.
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